Maryino industrial park is a centrally managed industrial zone for modern industrial enterprises located in the Southwestern part of St. Petersburg, in the district of Petrodvorets, within 1.5 km from the City Ring Road. It’s provided with all necessary infrastructures for creating of modern manufacturing enterprises.


Distance to the City Ring Road is 1.5 km via Ropshinskoye highway. The City Ring Road provides access to all major highways passing through St. Petersburg.

Peterhofskoye highway connects Maryino industrial park to St. Petersburg, Peterhof and Strelna. The Southern road connects the industrial park to Ropshinskoye and Volkhonskoye highways and the City Ring Road.

For 25 km around there are Pulkovo airport, St. Petersburg Sea Port and Lomonosov Sea Port.

Master plan

Construction phases

Facility management company office

Sales office

Neudorf 110 kV power substation

Distribution substations

Pump substations

Rain water local treatment facilities

Security check points

Bus stops

Technical zones

Car parking areas

35 kV power lines exclusion zone

Vacant areas

Reserved areas

Occupied areas

Project team

Vladimir Vishnevsky

Project Director

Anatoly Neganov

CEO of facility management company

Alexander Parshukov

Chief Investor Relations Officer

Evgeniyа Butоrinа

Project manager

Stanislav Lukomsky

Chief Technical Officer

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Project presentation

+7 812 329-22-19

Head office

Degtyarny pereulok, 11B,

Saint Petersburg,191144,Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 329-22-19,

Fax: +7 (812) 329-22-18


Branch office

Maryino, Petrodvorets, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Maryino industrial park

Administration building


Fax: +7(812)414-93-59