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Maryino Industrial park has started infrastructure construction on its 3d stage of development

Capital Energo LLC begins developing infrastructure of the third stage of the Maryino Industrial park.

The total square of the Maryino industrial parks third stage area is over 20 hectares. In its central part lays an asphalt road continuing the current road pass No.3.

To the North of the road pass No.3 there are industrial plots from 1 till 1,5 hectares with the correct shape of sides; to the South of the road pass No.3 there are land plots squared from 1,8 to 5 and more hectares.

The parks Management company is now developing the project of the Small Industrial park, which in case of its realization will become an area for allocation of small enterprises on it. This area is divided into 8 plots with the square from 0,41 ha to 0,57 ha. The access road is planned to build up in the middle of the area, connecting all the small plots with road pass No.3. Engineering communications and all the connection points to utilities are to be laid down by the sides of this passing. A step-down substation 10/0,4 kV for the connection of new customers to the power station will be installed in the center of the reversal ring at the end of the passing.

The construction of the road and infrastructure on the area of the third development stage of Maryino industrial park is terminating by the end of the year 2021.


New residents of the Maryino industrial park shall invest over 5 billion rubles into their projects

The Maryino industrial park in Saint Petersburg has got five new residents that will develop their production projects on the parks area with a total investment over 5 billion rubles up till 2024. In frames of SPIEF-2021 VTB has signed memorandum letters with the resident companies on joint activities within the realization of their projects.

The documents signed the vice president of VTB Board Denis Bortnikov and the top managers of the companies. The Vice governor of Saint Petersburg Maxim Sokolov attended the signing ceremony.

The new residents of Maryino will develop the high technological projects in different fields of industrial production and IT. Within the completion of the projects more than 400 jobs shall be created.

· VMPAUTO will launch the production of lubricants and preparations for the maintenance of machines and mechanisms, more than 600 product names.

· NSK KHimyja plans constructing a plant for production of non-stick and decorative coatings for dishes and other types of production.

· Hosting provider Media Land will build up in Maryino data center equipped with the latest solutions for immersion cooling of server equipment and fault tolerance monitoring based on neural networks. Data center services are expected to be in demand both by the small and big size businesses and by the state structures as well.

· NPC Provita
will manufacture the devices for production of technical and medical gas, including oxygen concentrators for use in hospitals. The target of the project is to develop and introduce the new technologies in the field of separation of gas mixtures by non-cryogenic methods.

· RITVERTS will create a science and production enterprise for development and production of radionuclide products - components for equipment used in the oil, pulp and paper industry, nuclear medicine, instrument making and other industries.

For VTB it is strategically important to be a partner in such projects that contribute to increasing investment attractiveness of Saint Petersburg, develop high-tech industries on its territory and create new jobs. Demand for the industrial park Maryino, in which VTB is  a financial partner, is growing among the Russian and foreign companies. The projects of new residents will surely be completed within the deadlines, shall be profitable and contribute to the development of industry and digitalization, - commented Denis Bortnikov.


German company SARSTEDT to Become Resident of Maryino Industrial Park

During the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018 a trilateral agreement was signed on the construction of a new production facility at Maryino Industrial Park.

Maryino Industrial Park is an organised industrial territory in the Petrodvortsovy District of Saint Petersburg. The project is being implemented by VTB Group with the support of the Government of Saint Petersburg.

SARSTEDT Group, a German based family owned medical technology company, is acquiring a land plot of approximately four-hectare in size for industrial use in Maryino Industrial Park to build a new production facility. Total investment in the project will amount to at least RUB 750 million. The start of construction work is scheduled for 2018 and the commissioning of the plant is no later than end of 2019.
The new production facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment. At the new plant SARSTEDT will manufacture primarily blood collection systems meeting CE standards. The locally manufactured products will be supplied to medical institutions in Saint Petersburg and other Russian regions. After commissioning, approximately 40 highly productive jobs will be created over the next years.  

The agreement on the construction of the new production facility on the territory of Maryino Industrial Park between the Government of Saint Petersburg, VTB and SARSTEDT was signed by the Governor of Saint Petersburg Mr G.S. Poltavchenko, the President and Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank Mr A.L. Kostin and members of the SARSTEDT Executive Board Mr. Timo Schretzmair and Mr. Rainer Schuster.

“After a long selection process that almost took more than one year we believe that our decision to invest in Maryino Industrial Park provides us with all the advantages we have been searching for: proximity to our clients, access to qualified personnel, a well-developed infrastructure and a highly professional management team from VTB Development and the City of St. Petersburg to support our localisation.” said Timo Schretzmair and Rainer Schuster of SARSTEDT.


Maryino and Group of Companies “Sevcable” Signed a Cooperation Agreement

The group of companies “Sevcable” plans to set up production in Maryino Industrial Park. According to expert evaluation, investments into the new plant may amount to RUB 2-3 billion. 

On August 28, the developer of Maryino VTB Development and the group of companies “Sevcable” signed a cooperation agreement, featuring a possibility to accommodate production facilities to make cabling and wiring on the territory of Maryino Industrial Park. This agreement is bringing into life the deal made by “Rosskat” and “Sevcable” companies at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017.

According to Artem Pidnik, CEO of GC “Sevcable”, experts assess the amounts of investments into a new plant’s setting up at about RUB 2-3 billion. He emphasized that it would be possible to announce a more precise amount of investments after approval of project requirements and design specifications for construction of new production facilities, approximately in October, 2017. At the moment, the enterprise is engaged in joint design of superconducting materials and use of composite materials in cabling and wiring products with “Rosnano” company and plans to expand the range of products at the expense of manufacturing not only cables but also other electrotechnical products.

Currently, GC “Sevcable” jointly with “Rosskat” company determine production facilities, technologies and the area of the land plot required for the new plant. At the moment, the group of companies “Sevcable” occupies the area of 14 hectares in Kozhevennaya line of Vasilyevsky Island, however, thanks to implementation of the Lean Manufacturing Program and updating, they’ve managed to decrease the required facilities down to 10 hectares. “We plan to use only the state-of-the-art world-class technological equipment at the Maryino venue, because of that the required production area should decrease as well as the area of the land plot. We’re sure that the new production site will become the first step to setting up a plant satisfying the Industry 4.0 requirements”, says Mr. Pidnik.

“We want this project to become a successful example of a plant’s transfer from the so-called ‘grey belt’ of the city to an industrial park, where it will be comfortable for production to develop. Land plots in Maryino are fully provided with road and transport infrastructure. The city planning documents were finalized and approved. All that allows after the deal for purchase of the land in the industrial park is made, to immediately start plant designing and fully bring the project into life in 1.5—2 years. Because of that I’m absolutely sure that “Sevcable” will manage to keep the time-limits, and we will help with that,” comments Alexander Parshukov, JSC VTB Development Director for investments.

We remind you that Maryino is the only in St. Petersburg industrial park in the greenfield format. The first stage of the project is 97% filled in. In 2015, the first manufacturing enterprise – the plant of Finnish paints and coating producer Teknos – started operation on the territory of Maryino, in May 2016, the plant of Russian-French DIPO auto parts company was commissioned. On May 24, 2017, the logistic complex of the “Admiral-Terminal-SV” group was opened. “yo-AUTO”, “Diesel-Energo” and “TechnoEXIM” are among the residents of the project.


Maryino is one of the leaders of the national rating of the production sites

Maryino Industrial Park was included in the top 3 of the rating of investment attractiveness of industrial parks and special economic zones. The leading positions were also taken by two projects from Tatarstan, in total 76 sites from 33 regions of Russia are represented in the rating. 

Expert Holding Analytical Center has prepared a rating of the investment attractiveness of operating industrial parks and special economic zones of Russia. The study is based on the analysis of 29 parameters divided into six groups: management company services, location, resource cost, proposed benefits, cooperation with the residents and characteristics of the location region. 

Maryino Industrial Park implemented by VTB Development scored 27.97 points out of 55. This is one of the highest results which guaranteed Maryino a leading position in the rating. As its authors note, "sites with similar results we combined into classes, AA – the most attractive parks, C – the least attractive ones. The group of the most attractive parks scored 25-27 points, the arrangement of parks within a particular group does not really matter from the point of view of a potential investor, they are all approximately equal." However, among the 7 sites from the AA class, Maryino and the Ulyanovsk industrial zone "Zavolzhye" only closing the top part of the rating belong to the greenfield format. 

Note that the ranking of industrial parks and special economic zones is aimed at providing investors with an initial guide for choosing the production location.


Governor’s Warehouse in Maryino

Gov. Georgy Poltavchenko has opened a new warehouse facility in Maryino. 

On May 24, the opening ceremony of the Admiral Logistics Group Warehouse was held in Maryino Industrial Park. The event was held as part of the city investment project tour the Governor held before the opening of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The Governor was present at the opening ceremony of the new facility. 

“A year ago we signed an agreement on cooperation in implementing this warehouse project. It is very important that the warehouse will become an integral part of Maryino Industrial Park. City authorities will provide maximum support to these projects,” Georgy Poltavchenko said. 

The Government of St. Petersburg has been a strategic partner of Maryino Industrial Park since the early days of this project. According to Mikhail Zaytsev, Deputy Chairman of the North-Western Regional Center and Senior Vice President of  Bank VTB, the Maryino project reflects the goals of the government seeking to create and develop modern industrial infrastructure and relocate city enterprises from the city’s downtown area. “Maryino industrial park is a ready platform for enterprises in many fields and industries. Residents of the Industrial Park enjoy fully ready-to-use engineering and transport infrastructure, and the business infrastructure of Maryino, which includes a logistics facility of Admiral Company,” the expert said. 

The warehouse facility of A+ class is located at the northern border of Maryino Industrial Park on the land plot of 4.4 hectares, which Admiral Logistics Group had acquired in 2013. Construction of the new facility started after an investment agreement with the city administration was signed at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2016. Admiral Group had invested RUB 1 billion into the project, and the planned turnover is assessed at RUB 800 million per year. 

Admiral Group is one of top five major Russian regional operators of 3PL logistics market, which includes customs services and consignment storage. The company concludes consignment storage contracts with major international corporations. The Maryino warehouse complex is intended for non-food products with a narrow passage shelving system, which allows to use the space most effectively. At the moment of its official opening, the warehouse was filled to half of its capacity of 20,000 square meters. 

The facility, which was launched on May 24, is one of the first several logistics projects that Admiral is going to invest RUB 3.6 bln until 2020. The investor, recognized as one of strategic investors of St. Petersburg, intends to build a total of 4 energy-efficient warehouse facilities with the total area of over 60,000 square meters. The company’s plans also include a distribution center 12,000 square meters in area.


Maryino Welcomes Finnish Business

In the beginning of April, Maryino Industrial Park’s team presented localization opportunities in St. Petersburg to Finnish manufactures.

On April 4-5, representatives of big Finnish business, interested in launching and expanding production facilities in the North-West of Russia, visited industrial parks of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. The events were held on the initiative of VTB Development JSC and supported by YIT Corporation, the Consulate General of Finland and Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce. The business tour started from the seminar “Finnish companies’ experience in their facilities accommodation in the North-West of Russia, with industrial parks as an example”. St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region investment and industrial potential was presented as its part. Maksim Meyksin, the Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations, emphasized the importance of coordinated operation of the city and areas in facilities location to attract industrial investors. However, Maryino Industrial Park is still the only ‘greenfield’ area within St. Petersburg borders. The project was presented by its Director, the Managing Director of VTB Capital Asset Management Vladimir Vishnevsky and Artem Andreev, the Director for capital construction of Finnish plant Teknos that had been successfully localized in Maryino.

Mr. Vishnevsky drew attention to the fact of Maryino Industrial Park’s creating an up-to-date industrial area for a wide range of production facilities, including foreign. “We have realized the best European and Asian industrial practices in Maryino in order to meet the requirements of potential residents. But surely the deal with a foreign company became the test for our product’s quality. It helped us to try legal and organization procedures in the course of preparation process for their repetition in future. Thus, in 2012, we started negotiating accommodation of a plant of Finnish paints and coatings producer Teknos, and the project was commissioned in June, 2015”, the expert said.

“One fifth of the company’s employees from all over the world are employed at the Teknos plant located in Maryino Industrial Park and investments in it have reached EUR 20 mln”, Mr. Andreev commented. “We clearly understood the desired result even before the start of the project and selected the land plot according to the fundamental for us ‘transparency issues’. It implied a clear understanding of the land plot’s purpose, linked up mains, and specific features of dealing with the city administration, energy supplying, approving, city-planning, sanitary, environmental and other organizations. Only three plots from more than 20 areas in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region examined by us, were found suitable. Maryino`s offer was the best taking into account the results of due diligence. Over the years of joint work we never faced misunderstanding of our requirements and always got qualified and timely assistance from the managing company in the course of our project’s implementation. That’s very important”.

The second day of the business mission focused on tours over the most attractive for localization areas. In particular, a few dozens Finnish manufactures examined the Maryino Industrial Park area, its provision with access to utilities and Teknos production premises, warehouses and the R&D center.

We remind you that besides Teknos, Franco-Russian DIPO plastic machinery company was also successfully localized in the first Maryino stage. It was commissioned in 2016.


Maryino is a risk-free localization formula

Maryino Industrial park and SCHNEIDER GROUP an international consultant providing foreign companies in Russia with the back office services signed a cooperation agreement contributing industrial investments.

On the 27th of March, Maryino Industrial park and SCHNEIDER GROUP held a roundtable dedicated to business establishment and development in Russia. At the event «Business formulas: a risk-free localization» companies signed the agreement targeted towards collaboration in order to attract new industrial companies in Saint Petersburg.

«Production location of foreign companies in Russia is often difficult because of misunderstanding of local market conditions and legislation. Maryino and SCHNEIDER GROUP cooperation setting the stage and offers safety access to Russia`s market. It means providing a full site preparation for creating of manufacturing enterprises, an assistance in a building design, construction and future exploitation on our part. For SCHNEIDER GROUP it includes business advice from market entry support till legal matters with a focus on migration, labor and corporate law, » commented signing of the agreement the Vice President of VTB Bank (PJSC), Alexander Olkhovsky.

SCHNEIDER GROUP CEO Ulf Schneider noted that in seven years Russia grown from 120 to 40 place on several points including tax system in World Bank Rating. It made country more attractive for business localization in comparison to Germany. However, Russia saves bad positions about building permit that frightens a number of potential residents. «When German companies go to Russia to manufacture products, of course, they are looking for a ready infrastructure. Industrial parks and in particular Maryino are a decision that can increase fascination of localization, » said the expert.

«We have repetitively pass over a concatenation from a site selection to a factory launch with a foreign manufactures – Finnish Teknos and French DIPO. Our experience and a full site preparation allow effectively simplify and reduce the cost of standard phases of project realization, » noted Capital-Energo, LLC CEO Anatoly Neganov.

«In Maryino Industrial Park under VTB Development JSC management we see a reliable partner that show itself positively at work with foreign producers. We are determined to promote it among our clients. I`m sure that many western companies assessing possibilities for localization in the Northwest of Russia will be interested with the project» summarized Mr. Schneider


Paint R&D at Maryino

TEKNOS has opened an R&D center at Maryino Industrial Park. 

The TEKNOS plant opened at Maryino in June 2015, becoming the first production complex to start up at the industrial park, and TEKNOS’ first greenfield enterprise in Russia. 

The plant’s R&D center occupies 300 m2 and is fitted with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. The main tasks of the R&D center are the development and adaptation of formulations for industrial and architectural-construction paint-and-coating materials and powdered paints, the investigation of new kinds of stock, the adaptation of the properties of paint-and-coating materials to consumer requirements, and the accompaniment of plant products under their introduction into the production processes of customers. 

Having its own R&D center lets TEKNOS successfully implement the full cycle of operations at the enterprise, from research and engineering to the production of paint-and-coating materials and their delivery to consumers. 

TEKNOS is one of the leading European producers of paints and coatings and the acknowledged sector leader, thanks, among other things, to the constant expansion of the capacities of its corporate R&D centers. The creation of an R&D center at the park confirms the company’s seriousness in localizing production in Russia.


New success of Maryino

Maryino has added to its list of awards with a special jury prize from the first federal competition in the area of real estate – the PROESTATE AWARDS 2016. The industrial park, which was implemented by VTB Development, was named the “Project of the Next Decade.” 

The PROESTATE AWARDS 2016 is a special competition devoted to the results of the development sector over a 10-year period and rating the most interesting and financially-successful projects among investment companies, architecture studios, designer agencies and construction organizations. 

VTB Development emerged as the leader in terms of the number of prizes collected at the PROESTATE AWARDS 2016. The company was the only player on the Russian real-estate market to receive praise from the professional community for each of the projects put up for the competition. 

Maryino Industrial Park won the special jury prize as the “Project of the Next Decade” in the nominating category “Industrial Real Estate.” 

The multifunctional complex European Embankment was the winner in the nominating category “Best Unfinished Project of the Decade.” 

Russia’s only public-administration business quarter – Nevskaya Ratusha – was among the finalists in the nominating category “Best Office Real-Estate Project,” and shared the status of “Best Architectural Project of the Decade” with another Moscow-based competitor. 

“VTB Development definitely deserves each of these awards. The company submitted to the competition not simply successful developer projects, but also the results of their implementation for specific territories and the positive changes that they are making to the life of the city. Maryino facilitates the development of Petrodvortsovy District, expands its infrastructure, and gives local residents good-quality jobs; Nevskaya Ratusha transformed an abandoned tram park into one of the city’s latest sights, attracting business, investments, locals and tourists. The European Embankment should emerge as one of the most ambitious projects in the country and complete the architectural ensemble of the Neva embankment area in the historical heart of the city,” says the General Director of PROEstate Events, Vice President of the Russian Managers’ Guild, Pavel Goncharov. 

More than 220 applications were submitted for participation in the competition in 22 nominating categories; the winners were picked by the jury, comprised of the most prominent figures on the Russian real estate market.


Maryino expands its list of sectors

As of July 2016, Maryino Industrial Park, Petrodvortsovy District, can accommodate not only manufacturing facilities, but also enterprises in the food-processing, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. The latest phase of the project’s development was prompted by the St. Petersburg City Government’s updating of its Land Use and Development Rules. 

30 June 2016 saw the entry into force of the St. Petersburg Land Use and Development Rules (PZZ), approved by City Government Resolution No. 524 dated 21.06.2016. Pursuant to the amended PZZ, Maryino Industrial Park was classified a multifunctional subzone for production and warehouse facilities and engineering infrastructure with the code designation TPD2_3. According to the new urban-development regulations, aside from other sectors, Maryino can also accommodate enterprises in the food-processing, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, which will expand the group of potential industrial-park residents. “Expanding the list of sectors and companies was can attract to our industrial park will definitely lend new impetus to the project’s development. Phase-one Maryino, spanning 58 ha, is already 97% occupied by residents. The new PZZ entered into force at virtually the same time as the conclusion of phase-two site development for the project, that is, at the best-possible time for us and potential residents. We’re open to new clients and ready to help them choose the right plots in view of the restrictions imposed by sanitary-protection zones,” notes Investment Director at VTB Development, Alexander Parushkov. 

According to the Head of St. Petersburg’s Petrodvortsovy District, Dmitry Popov, “the new phase in the development of Maryino Industrial Park will add an extra jolt to the investment attractiveness of St. Petersburg, which is the general objective of Strategy-2030. Implementation of the project is already having a positive impact on the economy of Petrodvortsovy District. A long-vacant territory has gained modern engineering infrastructure, and become attractive from the standpoint of advancing industry, creating new jobs, and boosting budget receipts.” 

As you may recall, on the eve of the PZZ update, Maryino Industrial Park gathered the top executives of companies in the food-processing and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as representatives of retailers in the Russian Northwest, for a discussion of the needs of production enterprises in changing economic conditions. Within the scope of the roundtable, conversation touched on the growing need for new-format distribution centers for retailers, which could spring up at industrial parks.


Maryino among the 4-best infrastructure projects in Russia!

On 17 June 2016, at a session at the 20th Anniversary St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), the results were tallied in a competition for the best investment project “Development Award 2016.” The Maryino industrial project was named one of the four-best infrastructure projects in the country. 

The “Development Award 2016” competition received 303 applications from 62 RF regions. The award encompassed eight nominating categories. Within the scope of the “Best Infrastructure Project” category, the key criteria were the stated objectives and achieved results of the project, observance of the timetable for its implementation, the nominee’s achievement of a multiplicative effect for the development of related sectors in the region and the country as a whole, and the project’s social and ecological significance. 

The Development Prize is an annual national competition founded by Vnesheconombank in 2012. It’s held for the purposes of stimulating investment activity and fostering a favorable investment climate in Russia. Eligible to participate in the competition are Russian legal entities. The competition welcomes both projects financed by Vnesheconombank, as well as other projects complying with competition criteria.


Maryino: open dialog with retailers and enterprises in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries

On Tuesday, 31 May, Maryino Industrial Park assembled the top executives of food-processing and pharmaceutical companies, as well as representatives of the retail industry from the Russian Northwest, for a discussion of their production operations in the changing economic conditions and the joint formulation of responses to these challenges. 

The meeting was attended by the co-owner of TD Real – Fresh Food Pavel Klyuchnik, General Director of TC Land – Dmitry Chtetsov, Technical Director of Losevo Group – Nikolay Ilyuschenko, General Director of MB NPC Tsitomed – Alexander Khromov, Commercial Director of NTFF Polisan – Dmitry Borisov, Member of the Board of Directors of the Metrika Building-Materials Chain – Alexey Khrabrov, and Head of the Office of the St. Petersburg Entrepreneurs’ Ombudsman – Konstantin Timokhin. Maryino Industrial Park was represented by the Managing Director of VTB Capital Asset Management – Vladimir Vishnevsky, and the Investment Director at VTB Development, Alexander Parushkov. 

As Alexander Parushkov noted, industrial parks are an element of infrastructure existing for residents in the format they require. “It’s important for the management company to understand market demands, look for specific partners and offer a design that’s fully adapted to the individual request. Joint dialog between representatives of the production community and industrial-park management companies makes it possible to formulate a common vision of the sort of facilities sought after by the market, and offer just such a product to producers and retailers,” stressed the expert. 

Roundtable participants discussed the current situation and the conditions created by the region for the expansion of their projects, and also shared their strategies for the implementation of import-substitution programs. However, the main focus of the discussion was further prospects, including the need for new-format distribution centers, which could spring up at industrial parks. 

“The anchor of the Maryino Industrial Park is provided by manufacturing facilities, whose specifics and requirements we understand. But over the past 4–5 months, major retailers and enterprises in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries have experienced such a surge in demand for the development of production and warehouse projects, distribution centers that we simply have to take them into consideration. All the more so, since companies in this sector are a priority in the import-substitution program, and Maryino is St. Petersburg’s only greenfield industrial park, offering fully-developed land plots with urban-planning documentation,” commented Viktor Vishnevsky.


Maryino Industrial Park celebrates its 5-year anniversary with an award

VTB Development has celebrated the five-year anniversary since the start of construction of Maryino Industrial Park. The Project Director, Managing Director of VTB Capital Asset Management JSC Vladimir Vishnevsky, and Investment Director at VTB Development, Alexander Parushkov, marked the jubilee at an award ceremony hosted by the St. Petersburg Division of the American Chamber of Commerce. Based on the voting tally of the AmCham Executive Committee, the project was presented with the Significant Achievement award for business development and high standards of business ethics. 

Every year, the St. Petersburg Division of the American Chamber of Commerce presents awards to five members that have had the greatest impact on the economy of the Northwest Region over the previous 12 months. Every company is announced the winner in one of the nominating categories – “Investor of the Year,” “Innovator of the Year,” “For Social Responsibility Achievement,” “For Significant Business Success,” and “For Efficiency.” 

The AmCham Executive Committee named Maryino Industrial Park the best project in the nominating category “For Significant Business Success,” highly praising the park’s contribution to the development of St. Petersburg industry and the efficient work of the park’s management company in creating opportunities for the localization of production and promotion of the region at the international level. 

VTB JSC Investment Director, Alexander Parushkov, emphasizes that the past year was truly a banner year for Maryino. “We completed the phase-one site development of the project, constructed a building for the management company, became the only industrial park in St. Petersburg to be represented as a site for production localization at the Import Substitution Center, and received several foreign and domestic missions and delegations. But the most important event was the launch at Maryino of its first production facility. In 2015, a plant was commissioned for the Finnish company Teknos, producing a wide assortment of architectural-construction, domestic, rust-resistant and powder paints. It’s Teknos first greenfield enterprise in Russia, with investments in its construction and equipping of roughly EUR 17 mln, and the facility currently supports more than 100 jobs,” comments the expert. 

Maryino is a long-term project, designed for growth in production volumes within the territory of the industrial zone. At present, phase one of the industrial park is more than 80% occupied, with companies such as Teknos, DIPO, Admiral-Terminal SV among its residents. 

“Exactly five years ago, on 13 April 2011, an agreement was signed marking the start of the engineering development of 130 ha in the Petrodvortsovy District of St. Petersburg. Our city has always been an industrial center of national – if not international – significance, and the goal of our industrial park is to create all of the necessary conditions for the continuation of this tradition. As the Project Director, I’m gratified that our efforts are being recognized – both by the residents choosing Maryino for the accommodation of their production facilities, as well as by our business partners, including the American Chamber of Commerce. In just the past few months we have received several awards. In December of last year, the St. Petersburg City Government named Maryino “Investor of the Year” for its implementation of the best site-development project with investments of up to 3 billion rubles. And just this February, the Association of Industrial Parks presented us with the first certificate in the Russian Northwest confirming conformance with the national standard for a period of three years,” notes Vladimir Vishnevsky, Project Director, Managing Director of VTB capital Asset Management JSC.


Visit by the General Consul of the Netherlands

On 3 March, General Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in St. Petersburg, Hans Wesseling, made an unofficial visit to Maryino Industrial Park. 

Mr. Wesseling discussed opportunities for the localization at Maryino of international companies with the project’s management team. 

The meeting concluded with a tour of the Maryino site, during which the Investment Director at VTB Development JSC, Alexander Parushkov, discussed the unique features of St. Petersburg’s only greenfield industrial park and emphasized its advantages for the accommodation of industrial and logistics enterprises. 

“Maryino residents include the international companies Teknos and DIPO, whose successful experience in localizing production at the industrial park is garnering us the attention of other foreign companies and diplomatic missions. In general, these visits advance our objective of strengthening economic ties. Today, it’s much more advantageous not to import products, but to produce inside Russia,” says Mr. Parushkov. 

The Kingdom of the Netherlands provides Russia with plastics and plastic products, paper and carton, footwear, equipment and mechanical devices. These kinds of production facilities can be easily accommodated at Maryino Industrial Park.


Certified Maryino

Maryino Industrial Park has earned a certificate of conformance with the national standard GOST R 56301 – 2014 “Industrial Parks. Requirements” for a period of three years. On 24 February, the Association of Industrial Parks (AIP) presented the confirming document to the Project Director, Managing Director of VTB Capital Asset Management Vladimir Vishnevsky. 

Under the management of VTB Development JSC, Maryino Industrial Park underwent voluntary certification according to a system approved by Rosstandart in September 2015. According to the new rules, the only parks eligible to apply for the certificate are operating industrial parks whose management companies have the legal capacity to offer the park’s assets to its residents, and whose land plots have the appropriate designation and capability for connection to the respective power-supply, gas-supply, water-supply and sewerage networks. 

Maryino is St. Petersburg’s only greenfield industrial park. Its territory spans 130 ha. Maryino Industrial Park offers potential residents the purchase into ownership of fully-developed land plots for the construction of modern production enterprises and logistics complexes. 

“Certification according to the national standard is a formal process, but important to use from the standpoint of confirming Maryino’s conformance with all of the standards outlined by GOST. Once most of the country’s industrial parks undergo certification, I believe this document will have the same importance as a person’s passport – serious companies won’t consider uncertified parks. As of today, the territory of Maryino Industrial Park is equipped with all of the required utility networks, running to the edge of each plot offered for sale. Our residents include both Russian companies and enterprises with international capital – each of them underwent detailed procedures of on-site legal and technical analysis before being accommodated at Maryino, which confirms the high quality of our product,” says VTB Development Investment Director Alexander Parushkov. 

In 2013, Maryino has been certified by the Association of Industrial Parks according to the previous system. 

At present, Maryino Industrial Park is 81% occupied. Among our key residents: the Finnish paint-and-coating producer Teknos, the Russian-French autopart maker DIPO, and the Admiral-Terminal SV Logistics Group. 

“Certification is done on a voluntary basis and does not constitute grounds for the receipt of state support. The certificate of an operating industrial park is confirmation of recognition on the part of the expert community and industry professionals,” say AIP representatives.


Maryino Industrial Park – the best site development project in St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg City Government has praised the contribution made by VTB Development JSC to the socio-economic development of the city. Maryino Industrial Park, under the company’s management, received the “Investor of the Year” award. Maryino was recognized as the best project in the area of site development with investments of up to 3 billion rubles. The award ceremony was held in Smolny’ Svetovoy Hall within the scope of the concluding meeting of the Governor’s Investment Council on 29 December 2015. 

“Investments in industrial projects require experience and certain competencies: unlike most other ways of investing money, they are more long-term and depend to a greater extent on public policy. In today’s environment, the development of special economic zones and new production sites is becoming the key to economic recovery. Maryino is a critical growth center – not just for St. Petersburg, but for the Northwest Region as a whole. The strategic objective of the project – creating infrastructure for the industrial development of St. Petersburg,” says the Vice President of VTB Bank (PJSC), Alexander Olkhovsky. 

The “Investor of the Year” award was founded by the St. Petersburg City Government in 2015, and the first honorary plaques were given to companies implementing projects of the greatest importance to the development of St. Petersburg in 2010–2014. Vying for awards in six nominating categories were over 30 competitors, representing various sectors of the local economy. 

According to the Investment Director at VTB Development JSC, Alexander Parushkov, unlike high-yield residential development projects, site development for industrial use at Maryino opens other avenues for economic growth. “Enterprise accommodation at industrial parks represents the most promising direction for industrial development in Russia. Specially-organized zones attract residents with their engineering and transport infrastructure, centralized facility management, and possibility of synergy with other companies. That said, the consolidation of production at certain locales provides economic growth for the region and an additional influx of investments,” says the expert. 

Maryino Industrial Park has been actively growing since 2011, when phase-one site development began. Since that time: engineering and infrastructure development has been completely prepared across a territory spanning over 60 ha, park residency has been taken up by several Russian and international enterprises in various industrial sectors, and an administrative building has been erected for the management company. Thus, Maryino became St. Petersburg’s only greenfield industrial park. It occupies 130 ha in the city’s Petrodvortsovy District and is geared towards the accommodation of modern production enterprises and logistics complexes. 

“We’re creating conditions for the accommodation of production facilities, which will in turn create new jobs in Petrodvortsovy District. This provides an opportunity to employ the locals, allows them to avoid making daily trips to the downtown core or other districts of St. Petersburg, and eases the load on the city’s transport system. Today, Maryino supports more than 150 jobs, and with the launch of new production sites – this indicator will climb dramatically,” says Project Director Vladimir Vishnevsky. 

We should note that this is not the project’s first award. In 2014, the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence was bestowed on Maryino as the best development project on the Russian real estate market in the nominating category “Industrial Real Estate,” and was also among the winners in a competition sponsored by the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade for RF industrial projects. Another high-profile by VTB Development – the Nevskaya Ratusha public-administration business quarter – is also the holder of several prestigious prizes: the CRE Awards St.Petersburg 2014 in the nominating category “Multifunctional Complex,” the “golden” certificate from the national eco-standard GREEN ZOOM and an RMDG certificate witnessing the conferring of Class-A status to a commissioned business center. What’s more, in 2014, at the presentation ceremony for CRE Saint Petersburg and the Federal Awards, VTB Development JSC was named “Developer of the Year.”


Maryino Industrial Park: 2015 results

The team at Maryino Industrial Park has tallied the results for 2015. Over a cup of coffee on 22 December, the project’s top-management greeted residents on the approaching holiday and shared the milestone events over the outgoing year. 

In 2015, the first manufacturing complex was launched into production at Maryino Industrial Park. On a site spanning 2.6 ha, a plant began operating for Finland’s Teknos, which produces a wide range of architectural-construction, residential, rust-resistant and powder paints. The enterprise marks Teknos’ first greenfield project in Russia – investments in its construction and equipping totalled approximately EUR 17 mln, and the facility currently provides more than 100 jobs. 

Work is currently underway on completing stage-two site development at Maryino Industrial Park. The work includes the construction of utility networks and a road network, and the equipping of a third checkpoint at the entrance to the industrial park.
May 2015 saw the commissioning of a newly-constructed administrative building, currently used for the accommodation of Capital-Energo staff, the holding of presentations and hosting of business meetings. 

In September 2015, Maryino Industrial Park became a resident of the Import Substitution Center: the project was showcased at the St. Peterburg stand as a key site for the localization of production within city limits. 

Maryino actively supports international and interindustry relations. Over the course of 2015, the industrial park was visited by foreign delegations from Germany, Turkey and the Philippines. 

In August 2015, Maryino hosted a meeting among enterprises in the automotive complex of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. The event, organized in conjunction with the National Association of Autopart Manufacturers (NAAM), was held at the initiative of Maryino Industrial Park with the participation of the St. Petersburg Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovation. Within the scope of the meeting, entrepreneurs from Russia, Taiwan, Germany, Poland and other countries discussed prospects for the localization of automotive-cluster facilities and autopart-supply enterprises in St. Petersburg. 

For Maryino Industrial Park, 2015 was marked by a number of agreements expanding the range of services on offer for residents. In May, a cooperation agreement was signed with A-Plus Development for the purposes of arranging for the possibility of facility construction according to the build-to-suit arrangement, i.e. reflecting the individual needs and technological-process specifics of each manufacturer. The high level of site development and approved urban-planning documentation make it possible to complete facility design and construction within a span of just 18 months.

In the fall, a cooperation agreement was concluded with St. Peterburg Technopark OJSC. Within its scope, the companies will implement joint projects for the support of entrepreneurship and the development of innovational and industrial infrastructure in St. Petersburg. 


Maryino Industrial Park and St. Petersburg Technopark: innovation and partnership in the interests of the region

Maryino Industrial Park and St Petersburg Technopark have signed a cooperation agreement. Within its scope, the companies intend to implement joint projects for the support of entrepreneurship and development of innovational and industrial infrastructure in St. Petersburg, as well as to pursue productive interaction with the concerned departments of the municipal administration. 

The Project Director for Maryino Industrial Park, Vladimir Vishnevsky, believes that this kind of cooperation will have a positive effect on the city’s investment attractiveness and improving the entrepreneurial environment as a whole, since attracting funds into the regional economy requires the alignment of business and government objectives. “Partnership assumes maximum openness and the consolidation of efforts, the offering by the municipal administration to the business community and investors of projects and initiatives that are not just relevant for a single company, but are also capable of becoming the grounding strategy for the development of St. Petersburg,” says Vladimir Vishnevsky. 

“Cluster development excludes competition – it intensifies and augments the advantages of each company within the alliance. In the current conditions, we have to search for growth points inside the country and act as a common front,” notes Andrey Sokolov, General Director of St. Petersburg Technopark. 

As you may recall, Maryino Industrial Park is being developed in the Petrodvortsovy District of St. Petersburg. It’s an organized industrial zone, fully developed for the accommodation of modern manufacturing enterprises. St. Petersburg Technopark was founded in 2008 for the support of the city’s high-tech companies. The Technopark’s first project was the Ingria Business Incubator, which is one of the largest such business incubators in Russia today. The Technopark has since entered new levels of the regional innovation ecosystem, launching the Center for Cluster Development and Prototyping Center.


Maryino’s potential revealed for Finnish industrialists

On 1 October, at the Helsinki office of the Finno-Russian Chamber of Commerce, business representatives of the two countries discussed prospects for import substitution in Russia. 
Evgenia Butorina, Chief Analyst of the Investment Department at VTB Development, told her Finnish and Russian colleagues about Maryino Industrial Park’s potential for residents in the context of the localization of foreign enterprises in Russia. Evgenia Butorina was speaking at the event with an analysis of today’s import-substitution situation in the area of state procurements, and chatted with representatives of potential members of the Finno-Russian Chamber of Commerce. Evgenia noted that for Finnish businesspeople, the primary interest is generated by existing measures of state support for investors and industrial enterprises in Russia and St. Petersburg. The successful experience of Finland’s TEKNOS, which was the first to launch production in the amount of over EUR 17 mln at Maryino Industrial Park in July 2015, confirms the interest of Finnish business in localizing in St. Petersburg. 
According to the chief analyst, potential investors conduct regular monitoring of recent developments in Russian industrial legislation and are interested in getting up-to-date information from Russian business representatives. The joint events held by the Finno-Russian Chamber of Commerce are intended to improve the commercial and production cooperation of its participants. Maryino Industrial Park is a member of the Finno-Russian Chamber of Commerce. 
As you may recall, the most comfortable conditions for production localization have already been created at Maryino Industrial Park. Engineering and transport infrastructure has been fully developed, title to land plots has been formalized, and urban-planning documentation has been approved.


Maryino Industrial Park welcomes a business mission from Finland

On 30 September, Maryino Industrial Park was visited by a business-mission delegation from Sebu, Finland. The meeting, between representatives of the industrial park’s management company, VTB Development, and the engineering company Capital-Energo LLC, took place within the framework of an official visit by a delegation from St. Petersburg. The Governor of Sebu Province, Hilario Perez Davide III, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation, Armi Lopez Garcia, and another 13 Finnish representatives of government and business visited the park site and assessed kits economic potential. 

The aim of the St. Petersburg visit was to become familiarized with the key industrial and transport infrastructure of the Russian Northwest. Economic and scientific-technical cooperation between St. Petersburg and Sebu Province has been ongoing since 2009, following the signing of an agreement on regional friendship and cooperation. 

Alexander Parushkov, Investment Director at VTB Development, delivered the project presentation. The presentation detailed the advantages of Maryino Industrial Park for potential investors, the company’s approaches to managing the site, and the arrangement established for handling affairs with park residents. 

The foreign guests acquainted themselves with the on-site terms of doing business, and studied the opportunities for localizing production at the industrial park. Maryino is distinct for its great location and the full engineering-development of the site. The park is located in the Petrodvortsovy District of St. Petersburg, close to major transport hubs – Pulkovo airport, the St. Petersburg and Bronka seaports. 

At the conclusion of the visit, the head of the delegation, Governor Hilario P. Davide III expressed his gratitude: “Meetings like these are the key to further interaction between our states – it is precisely through the exchange of experience that productive development and cooperation becomes possible.” 

The business delegation’s visit to the site of St. Petersburg’s only greenfield industrial park was held with the support of the St. Petersburg City Government’s Committee for External Affairs.


Meeting at Maryino Industrial Park of representatives of the St. Petersburg automaking complex

On 24 August 2015, Maryino Industrial Park hosted a meeting among members of the auto-industry complex of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, representatives of the respective state agencies, and prominent figures from the local business community. The event featured a discussion of issues related to improving the production localization of the automotive cluster and the city’s autopart suppliers located within the park. The event was attended by representatives from foreign companies (Taiwan, Germany, Poland), companies from the Russian Northwest, and various business associations – SPIBA, the American Chamber of Commerce, and the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Maryino Industrial Park was presented as a site for the localization of industrial production and a nexus for the pressing problem of import substitution. 

During the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovation, M. Meyksin, announced that the committee was holding negotiations with VTB Development over the locating at Maryino Industrial Park of an industrial center spanning a total area of 20,000 m2 for the localization of small- and medium-sized enterprises on lease terms. 

For all meeting attendees and mass-media representatives, a tour around the grounds of Maryino Industrial Park was held, including a stop at the production site of Yo-Mobile.


Russia’s largest manufacturing plant for Teknos paints launched at Maryino Industrial Park

The new production site sits on a land plots measuring 2.6 ha, which the company acquired back in 2012. The new enterprise’s specialization: the production of industrial rust-resistant paints and coatings used in the petrochemical industries, the construction of infrastructure facilities, and the painting of commercial vehicles and special equipment. 

The new plant is also expected to produce materials for the timber-processing industry. 

By year-end 2015, the Teknos site at Maryino will be the home to both operating enterprises – Teknos Deko LLC and Teknos-Okhtek – currently located in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. 

At stage one, the production capacity of the new plant will amount to 10 mln liters of liquid paint and 2,000 tons of powdered paint per annum. Teknos has invested over EUR 17 mln in the construction and equipping of its Maryino plant. The enterprise represents Teknos’ first greenfield project in Russia. The plant is expected to become the largest Russian-based plant of a company that owns its own production facilities in seven countries of the world. 

“According to our plans, by 2018, 100% of the industrial paint under the Teknos brand intended for Russian consumers will be produced in St. Peterburg. Imports will only consist of general-construction and household-use products,” notes the company’s General Director, Anton Chepulis. Within the next few months, the new plant is also expected to launch an R&D laboratory, tasked with adapting current formulations to the raw materials of Russian production. 

Teknos was the first resident at Maryino Industrial Park to go into production. In October, another resident of Maryino Industrial Park – a subsidiary of the French Plastic Omnium holding – is scheduled to launch phase-one of its plant for the manufacture of plastic fuel systems.


Maryino Industrial Park expands its range of services

On 26 May 2015, Maryino Industrial Park hosted the signing of a long-term cooperation agreement between the park’s management company, Capital-Energo LLC, and the development company A-Plus Development. 

Pursuant to the signed document, Maryino Industrial Park and A-Plus Development confirmed their intention to cooperate for the purposes of improving the park’s competitiveness and investment attractiveness, as well as in terms of offering high-quality professional services to the park’s current and potential residents. 

The primary aim of the agreement lies in achieving Maryino Industrial Park’s capacity to construct production facilities according to the build-to-suit principle, i.e. reflecting the individual needs and technological-process specifics of each particular resident. 

“Or main task consists of helping Maryino residents to conduct their business with maximum efficiency in our country and our region. The build-to-suit deal removes material risks from the industrial park’s residents – particularly those who lack local experience in design and construction – and makes it possible to concentrate their financial and human resources on their core business. This is precisely why we settled our choice of partner on A-Plus Development – they have the most extensive build-to-suit construction experience in the region, notes Vladimir Vishnevsky, Managing Director of VTB Capital Asset Management CJSC, and Project Director for Maryino Industrial Park. 

In providing this service, design and construction is undertaken according to the customer’s technical specifications, thereby allowing a manufacturing enterprise to alleviate itself of the developer-phase risks and wind up with a facility that fully conforms to all applicable requirements in terms of technical characteristics, planning solutions and engineering loads. “I’m confident that this partnership has every chance of success – Maryino has all of the essential utilities and a prime location, while our company boasts a wealth of area-specific experience – in 2014 alone, we concluded six contracts for the construction of industrial facilities spanning a total area of more than 135,000 m2 and finished the construction of a logistics complex at Shushary – all build-to-suit. This format is ideal for companies that want to be able to use a facility that fully conforms to their technological processes,” says Pyotr Gavyrin, General Director of A-Plus Development. 

We should note that the build-to-suit service will be offered as a supplement to the standard offer for the acquisition into ownership of a land plot with utilities at Maryino Industrial Park. The next steps towards implementation of the agreement’s provisions will entail the formation of a working group for the discussion of joint projects.


The Maryino Industrial Park is recognized as one of the the best investment projects of industrial parks by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

On November 21st expert commission, established by the the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, has concluded the examination of applications for the contest for the best investment project of industrial park. As a result the Maryino Industrial Park took third place in the rating of the top ten. The contest was held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation within the framework of implementing the state programme on industrial development and improvement in its competitiveness through support measures given to the industrial parks management companies. According to the governmental regulation the winners of the contest are awarded with grants of low credit rates for industrial facilities and infrastructure. According to Dmitry Ovsyannikov, the director of the Department of Regional Industrial Policy, this contest is an important stage in the implementation of the state subprogramme on industrial parks. We anticipate that the industrial parks development and management companies will receive government support in the future and will not experience capital shortages.


Maryino Industrial Park is the best Russian development project

On September 8th during the PROESTATE International Investment Forum in Moscow, the official award ceremony of the Russian stage of the best prestigious international real estate contest FIABCI Prix d'Excellence 2014 was held. This year FIABCI-Russia presented more than 90 commercial and residential real estate properties in 11 categories. The Maryino Industrial Park is recognized as the best one in the Industrial Real Estate category. Such a high assessment of the contest jury again confirms the fact that we are advancing in the right direction and developing the regional industrial infrastructure. Let us remind that the FIABCI Prix d'Excellence contest for the best development project in the Russian real estate market is the national stage of the FIABCI Prix d’Exellence international contest which has been holding since 1992 by FIABCI, the International Federation of the real estate market players.


Saint Petersburg Cycle Racing Championship in Maryino

On July 20th the Saint Petersburg Road Cycling Youth Championship (criterium discipline) was held in the Maryino Industrial Park for the second time. The Saint Petersburg Government and the Committee for Physical Education and Sports organized the event. This time, more than 70 young sportsmen at the age of 10-16 took part in the cycle race. The Maryino Industrial Park management team wishes young sportsmen new wins and looks forward to see them at the next competition in 2015.


Khabarovsk Krai Government delegation visits Maryino

On June 6th during The Days of Khabarovsk Krai in Saint Petersburg, with the support of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations, the Khabarovsk Government delegation visited the Maryino Industrial Park. By tradition, the guests saw the Industrial Park area where they could estimate its real scale and become familiar with manufacturing sites of the companies which have already become our residents. The guests from Khabarovsk highly appreciated the infrastructure development level of the Maryino Industrial Park and its team professionalism.


Tambov Region delegation visits Maryino

On May 24th during the XVIII Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Tambov Region delegation visited the Maryino Industrial Park. The delegation consisted of representatives of the administration and businessmen. During the visit various issues of the industrial parks and development, financing, management, promotion were discussed. In the second half of the visit a tour of the Maryino Industrial Park covering the residents construction and manufacturing sites was organized.


Tax privileges for residents of industrial parks

St. Petersburg authorities intend to provide tax incentives for residents of industrial parks. Officials had adopted a decision on state measures of support: exemption from the property tax for up to 5 years and lowered property tax at a 13.5% rate instead of an 18% rate. The city's Governor Georgy Poltavchenko recommends deputies to elaborate the project on preferences in two weeks. The final decision on the tax breaks will be taken during the International Economic Forum, which is held on May 22-24. According to Irina Babyuk, if privileges are approved, legislative or other measures to give effect to them will be adopted by the end of the year.


AIP (The Association of Industrial Parks) delegation visits the Maryino Industrial Park

On April 8th with the support of The Association of Industrial Parks business representatives intersted in factories location as well as owners of existing industrial parks of Russia visited the Maryino industrial Park. During the visit the demonstration of industrial installations, infrastructure, manufacturing sites of the companies which have already become residents of Maryino was given. Various issues of the industrial parks:development, financing, management, promotion, legislation were discussed with the guests.


Maryino Industrial Park receives a certificate of the Association of Industrial Parks

After the successful completion of an independent audit the Maryino Industrial Park enters into the number of certified industrial parks in Russia. This is a certain quality mark for us. The certificate of the Association allows us to confirm the official status of an integrated industrial park which standards meet the international level. It is especially important for the current and potential residents who may be sure in availability of all necessary business resources and high quality of services. Today, there are more than 200 investment parks and industrial zones in Russia. Voluntary certification was put into effect to allow investors to orient themselves in the variety of proposals. The Association of Industrial Parks together with international experts has developed the industrial park quality standards accepted by the international investment community. These standards are the base for the industrial park voluntary certification. In the course of certification the experts evaluated a number of mandatory attributes of the industrial park. They cover transport accessibility, land development, utility infrastructure, availability of services provided by a a management company and a development concept with the park final parameters and due dates of all planned events.


Maryino visit of Kursk region delegation

22 November, within a business visit, the Kursk region delegation headed by Alexandr Mikhailov, Governor, arrived in Saint-Petersburg to become familiar with MARYINO Industrial Park. Igor Golikov, Saint-Petersburg Vice-Governor, accompanied the delegation.

Besides the district head, the delegation included Administration committee leaders and business representatives, industrial companies directors. The guests saw the Industrial Park, a project was presented, and within the presentation the Maryino managers shared their experience of a successful industrial park creation and its filling with residents. The issues discussed at the meeting included legislative ones, financial aspects, engineering solutions and investment attraction strategy.


Inergy, a French manufacturer of automotive components, will locate its production facilities in Maryino industrial park, St. Petersburg

In October 2, 2013, at the panel discussion “Development of industrial areas in St. Petersburg” that was held under the VI Petersburg International Innovation Forum, the French automotive supplier Inergy has announced its plans regarding the location of the new production facilities in Maryino Industrial Park. 

CJSC VTB Capital Asset Management is an asset management company of the project, while  Capital-Energo is responsible for property management.  

DSK Plastic Omnium Inergy is a joint venture of the French company Inergy Automotive, a part of the international holding Plastic Omnium and Detalstroykonstruktsiya, the leading manufacturer of automotive components in the Russian market. Today, the estimated turnover of Plastic Omnium DSC Inergy company makes 1.5 billion rubles a year.

The company has two factories in Russia already including one in Stavrovo of Vladimir region, and one in Togliatti. The company will place its third Russian factory on production of plastic fuel tanks in Maryino Industrial Park.

Car assembling factories located in St. Petersburg, including Nissan, Ford and others, will become consumers of the new products of the enterprise.

The new production facility with total area over 5,000 square meters is scheduled for opening in 2014.

The expected number of employees is 150-200 people, including engineering staff.

Mr. Maxim Meyksin, the Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovation, has told about the plans of the French company, “We are excited that the plans of DSK Plastic Omnium Inergy are declared exactly during the innovation forum, because innovations mean everything new. The production facilities in Maryino Industrial Park will bring new jobs, taxes, new opportunities and competencies to St. Petersburg. The construction of car components production will be another step towards the localization of automotive components production within the automotive cluster of St. Petersburg.”

According to Mr. Dmitry Kostek, the Director General of DSK Plastic Omnium Inergy, by locating the production in Maryino Industrial Park the company will manage to leverage the proximity of traffic artery of the ring road and the vicinity of other industrial enterprises, while optimizing costs through joint organization of external services on personnel transportation, staff feeding, and other external services purchased.

According to Vladimir Vishnevsky, the Managing Director of CJSC VTB Capital Asset Management, the deal will draw the world's leading manufacturers of automotive components to St. Petersburg and to Maryino Industrial Park, in particular. This means that St. Petersburg is one of the higher priority regions for investors and confirms the fact that the conditions of Maryino Industrial Park meet the severe requirements of the biggest European companies.


Maryino automobile works are provided with electric power

15 July, 2013 OJSC "SPb ES" executed construction works on the power external layout projects for MARYINO Industrial Park within the first stage of investment projects.

Today, engineering systems of management company Capital-Energo are connected to power networks, as well as YO-Auto hybrid car works and a plant of new systems and units for TEHNOEXIM cars.


Admiral-Terminal-SV has become a new resident of Maryino 

On July 8th CJSC “VTB Capital Asset Management” and Admiral-Terminal-SV logistic group announced a deal on the purchase of 4.4 ha land plot in the Marino Industrial Park.

Admiral-Terminal-SV plans to build a specialized complex in Maryino that will provide transportation, logistic and warehousing services to various clients, including Maryino residents. The complex with a total area of 20,000 sq.m is scheduled to be put into operation in the middle of 2014. 


Road cycling events in Maryino

On May 4th and June 8th a criterium road cycling race was held in the Maryino Industrial Park. The Saint Petersburg Junior Cycling Championships was organized by the Government of Saint Petersburg and the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports. More than 100 young athletes from all over Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region took part in the event. The route of the race passed along the Southern Road and the internal roads of the Maryino Industrial Park. Participation in such events promotes healthy lifestyle among young people. Management team of the Maryino Industrial Park supports these ideas and always provides a venue for such events.

Local authorities plan to organize road cycling races on a regular basis. The next events are planned for July 6th and 13th


Capital Energo has joined the St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA)

On May 1st Capital-Energo, a facility management company of the Maryino Industrial Park, has joined the Saint Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA).

During the general meeting of the association members on July 3rd in the Astoria hotel conference hall, new SPIBA member companies received their diplomas.


Conclusion of a deal with CJSC PO Diesel-Energo

On December 18, 2012 on the annually Christmas summit CJSC VTB Capital Asset Management and CJSC Industrial unit “Diesel-Energo” announced agreement of a land plot purchasing in Maryino industrial zone for new factory construction.

CJSC Industrial unit “Diesel-Energo” is planning to build in Maryino industrial parka special center for carrying out tests of high yield diesel motors. Main goals of this center are research development of high yield diesel motors, creating the Russian center of innovative projects’ launching and providing of their manufacturing.


Orteksan has become an official representative of Maryino in Turkey

CJSC VTB Capital Asset Management have signed an agreement with Orteksan for representating of Maryino industrial park in the Turkish Republic. According to, preliminary estimate Turkish medium industrial enterprises could occupy 15-20 hectares of Maryino industrial park II phase. According to the agreement Orteksan company will perform market research of Turkish industrial enterprises for searching companies interested in land plot in St. Petersburg.


A new resident of Maryino Industrial Park

Within PROEstate international forum there was announced the new resident of Maryino industrial park. Teknos LLC purchased a 5 hectares land plot. The Company planes to invest 15 mln. $ in construction of paint and varnish factory. The Factory should be opened in 2014. Preliminary productive capacity in the I phase should be  15 thousand ton of liquid and powder coats per year. Teknos company is lead European manufacturer of paint and varnish materials. The Company operates on Russian market about 10 years. Total trade turnover of Teknos Group in Russia is 30 mln. euro per year.


Opening ceremony of the 1<sup>st</sup> phase of Maryino</span>

Within the Business tour to Maryino industrial park there was the Opening ceremony of Maryino I phase. Also there was the tour of the Industrial park with showing engineering utilities constructed during one year. Business tour was visited by representatives of the City Government, representatives of VTB Group, CEO of consulting companies and industrial enterprises and journalists. 


Site preparation of the first phase

The land use planning of the industrial zone I phases is completed. There is land improvement process. Commissioning of I phase is planned on September 2012.


Southern road construction completed

South road is completed. South road connects Ropshinskoye and Voskhonskoye highway and provides alternative way from Maryino industrial park to the City Ring Road.


Construction of Maryino settlement transport bypass completed


External utilitiy lines construction to Maryino industrial zone is completed


Construction works tender

There has held the contract auction on Maryino bypass construction and working out of engineering documentations. A contract should be signed till December 12, 2011.


Southern road construction

South Road is under construction. Construction is performed by Dorozhnik-92 LLCas a General contractor according to the state contract.


Externa lutility lines construction

External utilities to Maryino industrial zone is under construction.


Designing of internal utility lines

CJSC SMU-303 begins designing of interquartile utilities.


The property management company is formed

The facility management company for Maryino industrial zone called Capital-Energo LLC was opened.  The Company main goals are performing Technical customer functons of interquartile utilities and road network construction and issuing of technical specifications on connection to utilities connection points and road network for residents.


Tender results

The Investor held the bid of general contractor functions on designing nd construction of interquartile utilities. The winner is CJSC SMU-303.


Signing the Resolution of the Government of Saint Petersburg

Valentina Matvienko, the Governor of St. Petersburg, signed the Decree №502 “Measures of designing, construction and reconstruction of engineering utilities on the territory near Maryino industrial park at 2011-2012.


Development of car manufacturing cluster in St. Petersburg

On April 13, 2011 Mikhil Oseevsky, the First Deputy Governor of St. Petersburg, signes a document for future development of car manufacturing in St. Petersburg which called Typical Investment agreement for investment project realization in St. Petersburg for producing new car system, equipment and components, organization of car assembling and cargo  transport manufacturing. This agreement was also signed by: Denis Bortnikov, CEO Northwestern regional center – senior vise-president of JSC Bank VTB, Andrey Birukov, CEO YO-auto LLC, Artyom Drozdov, CEO CJSC YAROVIT Motors automobile plant and Vladimir Zhardetsky, CEO TECHNOEXSIM LLC. This collaboration turn into improving of St. Petersburg land use efficiency due to Maryino industrial zone using.