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Maryino industrial park is located in the Southwestern part of St. Petersburg, in the district of Petrodvorets.

Transport accessibility

Near the Industrial park there is Ropshinskoye highway. A distance to the City Ring Road is 1.5 km via Ropshinskoye highway. The City Ring Road provides access to all major highways passing through St. Petersburg and to avoid the City center for cargo transport.

St. Petersburgskoye highway passing within 4 km from Maryino industrial park connects it to St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Lomonosov and Strelna.

At the present time there are following ways to reach Maryino industrial zone by cars and cargo transport:

  • via the City Ring Road and Ropshinskoye highway;
  • via Peterhofskoye, St. Petersburgskoye and Ropshinskoye highways;
  • via Volkhonskoye highway and South road;
  • from the City center via the City Ring Road and  Western High-Speed Diameter.

Distance to key transport objects:

  • 1,5 km to the traffic interchange of the City Ring Road and Ropshinskoye highway;
  • 25 km via the City Ring Road to Pulkovo airport;
  • 25 km via the City Ring Road to Lomonosov and Bronka sea ports;
  • 30 km via the City Ring Road and Western High-Speed Diameter to St. Petersburg sea port.

Public transport

Railway stations

The nearest railway stations are Novy Peterhof and Krasnye Zory within 2 km from the Industrial park.

Public transport

There are some itineraries of above-ground transport from Avtovo, Leninsky prospect and Prospekt Veteranov metro stations to Maryino industrial park.

Nowadays there is approving process of above-ground transport itineraries changing on new itineraries which includes  South road and bus stop on the Industrial zone.

Corporate personnel delivery

Capital-Energo LLC (the facility management company) could organize a corporate personnel delivery on residents’ demands from the nearest metro station to the territoryof the Industrial zone. There are 10 bus stops inside the Industrial park.

Business environment

Neudorf special economic zone and BSH Bosch und Siemens factory (branch of BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH) are located in the North-East from the Industrial park.