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Sale of industrial-purpose land and plots

Industrial-purpose land plots are land allotments that can be used to accommodate industrial and warehouse facilities, as well as related infrastructure. Virtually all industrial land is divided into two types – plots with old facilities standing on them (brownfield), and plots free of any pre-existing land development of any kind (greenfield). Given the shortage of developed land sites in the greenfield format, any opportunity to buy industrial land that has not yet been built up and free of utility-connection problems represents a real stroke of luck for entrepreneurs.

At Maryino Industrial Park, you can purchase site-engineered plots for industrial development, production facilities or construction of warehouses. The sale of land plots for the construction of production or warehouse facilities is formalized with the registration of title to the respective land. Land for industrial development can be purchased on favorable terms, fully prepared for design and construction. Land designated for industrial construction at Maryino is equipped with utilities and transport infrastructure, all of the land plots are accompanied by the proper urban-planning documentation, and all of the required administrative-legal conditions are in place for the pursuit of commercial activity or for the functioning of a logistics or warehouse facility.

Industrial-purpose land plots for sale

Key advantages of the Maryino Industrial Park

The sale of industrial-purpose land requires the serious preliminary development of the plots. Industrial-purpose land must be far removed from recreational zones and residential developments. Insofar as the businesspeople deciding to purchase industrial-purpose land plots plan to build their enterprises on them, the industrial-park location allows them to avoid the problems associated with sanitary-protection zones.

The second advantage of plots being sold in an industrial zone is the availability of transport infrastructure, and consequently – the ability to receive incoming supplies of building materials and raw inputs and make shipments of finished products. This advantage is particularly distinct at industrial parks featuring new transport infrastructure – approach roads, drives, checkpoints, parking facilities and turn-around areas for cargo transport.

Cost of industrial-purpose land

The cost of industrial land is determined by a range of key factors. One of the main ones largely determining the price of industrial-purpose land is the transport accessibility of the site. The ability to receive timely deliveries of construction materials and production inputs, and to make timely shipments of finished products, has a clear impact on the cost of industrial plots. The closer the plot’s proximity to federal highways – the higher its price.

The second important factor that must be taken into consideration when purchasing and selling industrial-purpose land plots is the availability of utilities and possibility of connecting to them. The laying of utilities exponentially increases the implementation timeframe of a plant-construction project.

Map image
Specification Map image


  • Ring Road – 3 min
  • Pulkovo Airport – 20 min
  • Bronka Seaport – 20 min
  • Big Seaport of Saint Petersburg – 30 min

Land plot

  • Total area: 130 ha
  • Rights: Private ownership


  • Gas, water and sewerage pipelines
  • 30 MW of power capacity
  • Rain water local treatment facilities
  • External and internal road networks
  • Security check points

Connection points to utility lines are located along of each land plot.

The shape of the plot and its location within the industrial park are determined on an individual basis, according to the investor’s requirements.

Any investor has the option to conclude a build-to-suit agreement and get a finished production building meeting the necessary technical, sanitary and operating requirements.

Furthermore, everyone deciding to purchase industrial-purpose land should carefully study the legal side of the purchase. The possibility of registering title to the plot significantly reduces the investor’s risks, while the need to lease a site or requirement on the part of regional authorities to complete plant construction within a tightly-regulated timeframe can be an obstacle to the implementation of enterprise plans in changing economic conditions.

Another important point in the sale of industrial-purpose plots is proximity to population centers or residential developments for the housing of the investor’s workforce. Today’s industrial parks are always positioned in such a way that workers and engineers can get from home to work in no more than a half-hour (in major metropolitan areas – in no more than an hour). This requirement governing industrial land in Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg, located in the immediate vicinity of the Ring Road, is extremely important to companies planning to build a new plant or warehouse.

Buying an industrial-purpose land plot at Maryino Industrial Park

If we look at the sale of industrial-purpose land at Maryino Industrial Park from the standpoint of the aforementioned considerations, it becomes clear that these are premium-class industrial plots:

Our specialists will gladly tell you about the project’s many other advantages – as well as about the terms on which industrial plots at Maryino Industrial Park can be purchased.